Taiwan. Part II February 2011

Some stations join subway, high speed trains, regular trains, buses in one hub.

High speed train operated by THSR; considering distances on the island works as teleport.


There are no terraces on the rooftops, clothes are drying instead.

Night market in Taichung

Night markets are popular within young people to spend night hours. It starts after an evening peak hour and lasts until early morning. Usually occupies either sidewalks adjacent to streets or entire streets that are normal thoroughfares by day.

Smell, noise, crowd. And food, and food, and food.

During the night people move for one place to another trying different staff.

Some traditional cuisine presents. Bubble tea.

Tea boiled eggs.

Hot pot.

Blood rice cake.

Night market is a place for new recipes invention.


In front of the highest skyscraper taxi driver dries his towels.

Within metropolis areas of Taiwan Kaohsiung is definitely the nicest one.

Presence of a big port confirms that port towns a charming always (also see Genoa and Marseille).

Amphibious buses fun tourists.

Electric boxes are decorated and always stay on a concrete base.

Street sign.

Taiwanese like betel nut. Sales point are everywhere. I personally didn't like the taste. When you chew its green color changes into red and colors mouth and tongue. Those who chew this energizer every day (like taxi drivers) have permanent dark brown teeth color.

Ground floors on the main streets are for shops, fast-food, and other.

Chinese New Year eve.

Food is so affordable that at home people rarely use their kitchens.

Street canteen look like this.




Some big brands localize their brands for Taiwan.


People there are free to choose their religion. Most traditionally follow Buddhism.

Temple for several Gods with a LED display.

Being not used it's quite hard to stay in a temple for long.

Ritual money bank and banker.


Temple can be smaller dedicated to a specific God and in a particular place.

Regular train station look rather simpler than the speed one.

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