Genoa July 17, 2011

Light is very particular in Genoa. Narrow streets and tall buildings, seems on some Vias sunlight never happens. Smells sea, and pretty strong wind always. Perhaps, might be the only place in Mediterranean where you can fall into depression.

On some streets where's no sunlight ever, windows are closed with shutters anyway. Maybe it serves some other needs.

Old center is a place to see.

Houses there were built long time ago in a very nice way. Especially entrances are cool. Not all of them like on a picture below, but more or less.

Public Eco Point (Eco punto).

Central church was being constructed for a long time by different architects with various tastes. As a result came a collage of five centuries.


An English non exploded bomb stuck into a rooftop is exposed inside.

Galata sea museum

A fascinating place with lots of artifacts of sailing exposed.

Main reason to come was to see the original first Mercator atlas.

Right in front of museum placed an Italian submarine to visit.

Museum tried to reach a realistic level of daily routine shown. Captain was drinking beer, as we can see.

Sailors were missing their homes.

Submarine shower-bathroom.

An underwear left. Look on hooks how well it's designed.

Some devices.

Torpedo section.

*   *   *

It was my seventh visit to Genoa and for the first time it wasn't rainy.

Right before I took a train, rain started.

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