South of France. Part II October, 2011


The most interesting are channels to drain the water. Channels are filed for one month a year, and for other eleven stay empty.

Channels are surprisingly clean.

On some old buildings sewer system pipes are outside like in Hong Kong.

All streets are clean.

A failure to live in a countryside in a house without a natural light.

In French City Hall is named "Hotel de Ville" which is confusing tourists if they ask for an accommodation there.

Some advertise on the walls.

Street signs.

One of desires was to see an interior of an old Gothic church with a proper light coming threw the stained-glass window.

It finally happened. But a nun didn't see me entered, left the church and locked me in.

Then it took some time to get out.

Salagou lake

An artificial lake made for agricultural needs.

Mountain of Liausson.

The area is very windy and it's possible to surf or do other sports on water for a long time a year.


It worth to wake up early and find beautiful morning light.

Moureze is famous for "Cirque de Moureze" — a dolomitic formation, and "Montagne de Liausson" — 523 meters high mountain.

Long time ago this place was a home to prehistoric man.

Now it's a park of the rock forest.

Rock here is a carbonate that contains a high percentage of the mineral dolomite.

Time to go to the top of the mountain.

"Pic de Vissou" is right in a front.


On around 400 meters high forest becomes like this.

510 meters.

Salagou lake from the pictures above.

Red soil. Plowed look like a scratched skin.

Specially for tourists like me the point of 523 m has a special mark.

A view on "Cirque de Moureze".

Going down to the village.

Nice, a rock in the backyard.

Typical French village of 200 inhabitants with all the naked stone walls houses.

* * *

On a way to airport I missed a train which could take me to Toulouse with a time advantage before the flight.

The next train was departing two hours later, and moreover was half an hour late when arrived.

For the flight I arrived at the last minute.

Toulouse airport is a headquarter of Airbus. On the picture - Airbus Beluga aircrafts.

Sense of being a filling in a cloud sandwich.

Somewhere over northern Italy.

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