Venice June, 2011

Instead of cars Venetians use boats.

Boats is the only convenient way to move fast here. Police use it as well.

Until a certain boat motor power no sailing license required.

Even, there is a Venetian mafia that helps to solve problems with parking.

For tourists — gondolas, of course.

To transfer among islands public boat transport system organized.

Boats operate on several lines.



An unique island where glass artisans were settled for centuries.

One of the workshops.

Here, some traditional objects are made of glass.

A saint, probably.

Building number.

A chandelier in a church.

Cemetery San Michele

Situates on a separate formal prison island.

It's still in use today.

Bodies are carried to the island on special funeral gondolas.

On a Brodsky's tomb someone left a hat.

Pointes on Dyagilev's tomb.

Venice main island

On one of its sides a navy base with a submarine situates.

Being a popular place it attracts gigantic in a scale matter ships. Cruise one.

Private yachts.

Locals are dissatisfied with that huge ships in a bay. This is understandable considering reality scales.


Market boats.

Local political activists.

Street musicians.



The rest is extremely beautiful.

When train pass to Venice mainland seen how industrial it is.

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