Uglich and Kalyazin January 2011

New destination on a map.

Winter morning, 8 a.m., −28°C outside.


Two red circles in halo make a man on the coat of arms look mouse.

Right as Suzdal, Uglich is one of Russia's Golden ring towns.

In front of hydro electric power plant a propeller with blades is placed.

Before, despite the complexity of making window frames in wood it were all nice.

Today, old frames are getting replaced by ugly plastic ones. Compare old wooden with new plastic frames on the left side.

I'd prefer to leave old ones. How elegant they are.

Fire tower.



By the Great Construction Projects of Communism Moscow became a 'port of fives seas' in XXth century. System of channels connected it to White, Baltic, Caspian, Azov and Black seas. Meeting these and other needs some territories were flooded. In Kalyazin old part of a city with a big church went under the water. The only part remained was campanile.

Where the electric pole is a lake stars. During the summer this view is getting more spectacular.

Locals told a story: when part of a town was flooded people were going by boats to sea their houses and gardens from above.

In past it was a nice province town.

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