Pavia November 28, 2011

A small town near Milan. Pavia is situated on a level lower than territories around. It's good for agriculture and rice cultivation. But fog is often found there.

Because of agriculture and river locals complain about the quantity of mosquitos in summer.

In medieval ages Pavia was doing good, and was named a "town of a hundred towers".

Wealthy families were constructing towers in up to display their richness. Because an elevator wasn't invented yet, rich built towers with no practical sense.

Today, towers stay under a special control and aren't accessible. One of it,was situated in the center of the city, collapsed in 1989.

There is a nice medieval center.

Besides the towers, from rich past Pavia heritaged a castle.

On the central street the division between pedestrian and traffic parts of the road is transparent.

After a bus passes pedestrians occupy the road.

Bus stop.

In pre-Christmas time some streets were decorated.

Together with streets, monuments were decorated for Chtristas. The horse got its balls yellow.

The modern landmark of Pavia – "Covered bridge" also known as "Old bridge".

Another interesting detail of Pavia – a police "friend" camera sign. Isn't presented anywhere else in Italy.

Trash bin and container.

Some people manage to work in Milan and live in Pavia. Seems reasonable, it's a cozy place.


One more word. In Pavia lives one audiophile who has an unbelievable custom made sound system.

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