Mantua November 24, 2011

Place is known for thousand years history.

Old center is a remarkable monument of Renessance town planing.

Street lightning, public phone.

Closed center for cars to enter. A sign in a golden frame informs it.

Tabacchi, which is more but just a tobacco shop and sells lotto as well, situates on stairs of a church.

A church built inside the block of residence houses (or houses were built over it). Must be a particular place to live wall to wall.

Easter ceremony was going inside that day.

Central square is all in stone.

Another square.

Speciality for Mantua only detail - metal hydrant location sign.

Several water channels cross the city and connect to river Po.

Po river in this part is divided in three lakes - superior, middle, inferior.

Fisherman; like in Lecco.

Those who don't fish on the river bank can play with different interactive objects. An impossible triangle.



Reflection. This joke comes from medieval ages.

Talking on distance device.

Let's take a walk and find other details. Waste containers.

Streer signs.

Residential waste containers.

Local newspaper.


Criminal won't run away.

Interesting street lighting.

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