Kostroma March 2014

The Muchnye trade rows roof is being repaired. Spring is obviously the best time to do this.

Repair was necessary. There are holes in some places.

The Pryanichnye trade rows roof was repaired step by step. So now there are 50 shadows of green there.

Pigeons on a central square. Almost like in Venice.

Spring promenade.

Bus stop.

Ulitsa Lenina.

Sometimes the old houses burn.

Instead, new ones are built.

At a crossoad of Lenina and Sennaya streets there is a new house.

Architect and constructors were not able to place a balcony and a window centred by one line :-)

Courtyard in a city centre on ulitsa Lenina.

Ulitsa Pyatnitskaya.

Charming Kostroma.

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