Genoa-Casella June, 2011

Close to Genoa still remain a part of an old narrow gauge railway network. At one time the network covered all Italy. Little by little narrow railroads most were reconstructed, few abandoned. Genoa-Casella line has remained.

Railway station is located on a higher level then adjacent streets. Special signs help to find it.

Old coaches. Probably, it won't be modernized ever.

Spirit of the past inside.

Urban part is densely constructed around. It's possible to reach by hand a kitchen table in the apartment.

Plan was to experience a train, get to one of the intermediate stops and come back. But the road turned up enthralling.

"Hello, reader", train driver (motormen?) says.

Two speedometers are in cabin - analog and digital. Both show different speed.

At one point Genoa from above.

The road goes higher into the mountains, nature changes.


One more tonnel.

And another one.

On one of the intermediate stops.

The train is getting to 400 meters above the sea level.

Unbelivable views from train.

In an hour train covers 25 km.


Tiny commune. All necessaries present – kindergarden, school, sport camp, church, cemetery.

Emblem above street sign indicates Pantera district.

An engineer surname who built a water supply system of Genoa in XIX century was Nikolay.

The commune itself looks like this.

Old part.

Past wasn't safe.

Present instead, doesn't make people put metal lattices on windows.

Potato garden.

Locals don't shy to use a space for their needs under a public road.

Peace and quite around.

On Casella railway station were found two curious monuments. Monument one:

Monument two:

The same train after a short stop returns to Genoa.

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