Elektro-cities February 8, 2014

In Moscow region there are three interesting cities which appearance and development is related to the electrification of the country at the beginning of the last century. This fact is directly reflected on its modern names: Electrogorsk, Elektrostal, Elektrougli.


On entry into the city residents and visitors are greeted by an Orthodox cross, city name stele and an electric-power transmission tower. Transmission tower is in here by purpose I guess. Till 1946 the settelment was called Elektroperedacha ("Электропередача", lit. "electric power transmission").

Elektrogorsk was founded in 1912 due to the construction of the first big peat-fired thermal power station in Russia. That station has been developed into a bigger power station today, and keep producing electricity.

Along the main street parallel to the road and the line of houses a power line goes. It in a way tells and supports the city's history.

An incredible amount of different transmission towers is in the city. It is possible to organize here a world first open air museum of transmission towers.

The city itself is quite uninteresting.

But random modern architecture does not destroy it.


The biggest one of these three cities.

Here remain entire blocks of Stalinist architecture.

There are chic blocks.

And modest.

Special attention should be given to the architecture of the 50s. Ambitions were still there, but money were not enough already.

Only facade were made pompous.

Over time, money became less and less, but the desire to live in luxury - stronger. So, the entrance to the main state bank today is decorated with a kind of a cheap looking Roman columns.

The coat of arms of the city was forged.

A janitor on a poster buried himself in a dog poop, and calls to clean up after pets.

Garbage bins in the yard.

Street thash can.

Street navigation Elektrostal got from Moscow.


Visitors and residents are welcomed modestly.

Ah,no. Welcome to Elektrougli.

Coming here once you will not want to stop and take a walk around.

There is nothing to see.

Apart from visiting one courtyard. Where the world's most luxury fence around the playground is.

But the fence dammed the courtyard from passing, so residents did holes in it where it was convenient.

In the same courtyard a couple of blocks of flats are painted in bright colors. Over the total dullness around it, it do look nice.

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