Dubna January, 2014

On the way we meet "nano wagon".

Dubna is not just a city, it is a "science city". Like Korolyov or Fryazino and few other in Moscow oblast.

There is an opinion that it was founded before Moscow. This may, of course, be true.

But the noticeably history of the city begins in recent times.

It begins in 1956 when in Dubna was created Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR).

Headquarter of the Institute built in best traditions of Soviet imperialism.

There is something to be proud of. In honour of Dubna a 105 chemical element Dubnium was named, after being discovered here in 1970.

Streets in the city are named in honour of scientists and academics.

A significant part of residents in Dubna work for the Institute.

Probably, each family in the city has something to do with it.

Dubna reminds a big Soviet sanatorium.

Pine trees, fresh air, and white crisp snow are all around.

A monument to physicists with a Kama bicycle.

A tremendously big monument of Lenin.

Lenin made in stone scratches his ass.

A quarter of houses of physics academics is surprisingly cozy. I can not believe that such pleasant homes could be build in Soviet times.

The rest of the city also looks good.

Street navigation.

There is some decorative beauty of the recent past remained.

And some industrial.

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