Capo di Ponte and Brescia February 26, 2012

Milan is located conveniently in Europe — it is quite easy to organize a trip from here. Just come to a central railway station in the morning and choose a train.

An ordinary Northern Italy view in a valley.

As valley becomes more narrow houses get closer to railways.

Capo di Ponte

A small commune.

Half of Italy live this way, but with a various landscape.

A beautiful marble board on a railway station tells us the level of the village above the sea level.

Main traffic road never pass the center and goes on its side always.

Kilometer post.

Village's central street.

Town hall.

Town hall's bulletin board with a typical obituary notice.


Some houses in the village are old with impressive courtyards.

One man is fishing, two are watching and giving suggestions.

Village life. Chicken farm.

Corn plants.

Dry corn in a garage.

Birch tree, palm, mountains — there's all in Alps.

But what makes this place really special is a historical case when thousands of years ago hillsides there were populated by a prehistorical man who a left a spectacular number of petroglyphs.

Modern and ancient pictograms on one sign point the location.


Prehistory man.




Back to a Time Machine. A modern cart after several thousands years.


Not easy to find a city to say about is strange. But, Brescia is the case. A mix of rich past and recent tries of modern architecture.

Newspaper shop.



Trash bin.

Another one.

Trash container with a door for disabled. A question how they can reach it.


A public bus on a gas.

On the station.

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