Budapest July 27-28, 2011

T-shirt design says: "Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Budapest.

Budapest is one of post-Communists countries capital, like Riga. It's almost refreshed, few details remain about the recent past.

It's beatiful.

And cozy place.

Defenitely — one of the nicest cities I've been to.

On some streets old sett remains.

Buda castel.

Town market in a gorgeous pavilion.

Pedestrian area sign.

Direction via stairs sign.

Be careful old tourists.


Post box wall mounted.

Selfstanding post box with legs.

Some service signs.

It's getting replaced with new ones.

Old street signs.

New ones.

Ikarus public buses with a gradient paint on it.

Bus stop sign.



Budapest subway is the second oldest in the world after the one in London. It dating since XIX century.

Like in Prague or Athens there are no turnstiles in metro. Passangers are requested to validate tickets by themself. But on some stations the are people controling.

First lines staions are interesting.

Old stations are small and ticket-office is on a subway platform, not at the entrance to the station. So if passenger doesn't have a ticket, he needs to enter the station, buy a ticket, exit station to validate his ticket, and enter the station again.

New Stations are rather simple.

Again like in Prague, on some lines operate Soviet subway trains.

Coaches are autentical to Moscow ones with only new feature added - an exit side indication light.

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